Outsourced Sales

Outsourced Sales Benefits


  •  Partner with a representative that has similar business values.
  • Using an outsource sales partner allows businesses maintain sale efforts without having to hire a full or part time employee.
  • Customized outsourced sales from a portion to all sales activities
  • Qualified, trained, professional and experienced SDR
  • Saves money and time on associated cost of training, hiring and firing



  • Reduce risk of operational inefficiencies  and lower costs of the impact of hiring and retaining an internal sales staff.
  • Reduces revenue loss from employee turnover
  • Saves time and money on screening, recruiting and interviewing candidates
  • Saves on employee expenses with no workers compensation cost and no insurance cost
  • Smooth on-boarding time and integration with your business
  • Joins sales and marketing objectives as increased revenue opportunities



 Local Leverage  can provide guidance and service of all marketing efforts.  Assist in design, sales and marketing, events, promotions, trade shows, advertising strategies and more.   Fill gaps in your marketing effort without hiring a full time employee.



Local Leverage can provide new hire development with one on one sales training. Saving time on the on-boarding process.